From Michael Jordan to Floyd Mayweather: The Most Notorious Sports Star Gamblers

Sports and gambling have been intertwined for as long as humans have been competing against each other. Athletes have been known to place bets on themselves, their teams, or other sporting events, sometimes leading to controversies and scandals. In recent years, some sports stars have become notorious for their love of gambling, risking huge sums of money on games, horse races, and even casino games.

Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan, often considered the greatest basketball player of all time, was known for his competitive drive and his willingness to take risks on and off the court. Jordan was also a notorious gambler, often playing high-stakes card games with other athletes, celebrities, and even members of organized crime. His love of gambling led to several controversies, including accusations that he had bet on his own games or influenced the outcomes of games he had bet on. Despite these allegations, Jordan’s reputation as a gambler did not seem to harm his popularity or his career. He continued to play at a high level and earned millions of dollars in endorsements and investments.

Floyd Mayweather

Another famous sports star gambler is Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers of all time. Mayweather has won 50 fights in his career and earned over $1 billion in prize money, making him one of the richest athletes in history. However, Mayweather is also known for his extravagant lifestyle and his love of gambling. He often posts pictures on social media of himself betting on sports events or playing casino games. Mayweather’s gambling habits have also led to some controversies. In 2017, he was sued by a New Jersey casino for allegedly not paying a $100,000 gambling debt. Mayweather denied the accusations and the case was eventually settled out of court.

Charles Barkley

Other sports stars who have been linked to gambling include Charles Barkley, a former NBA player who has admitted to losing millions of dollars on sports betting and casino games. Barkley has said that he enjoys it as a form of entertainment and that he knows when to stop. However, his high-profile losses have also earned him the nickname “the Round Mound of Rebound“.

Another famous sports star gambler is John Daly, a professional golfer who has won two major championships but has also struggled with addiction and financial problems. Daly has been known to gamble on the golf course, often betting against other players or fans. He has also been a regular at casinos and horse races, where he has reportedly lost millions of dollars over the years.

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Final Tought


In conclusion, gambling and sports have always been closely linked, with many sports stars taking risks and placing bets on various sporting events, sometimes leading to controversy and scandal. As with any form of gambling, it is important to do it responsibly and within one’s means, to avoid the potential pitfalls and to enjoy the experience in a safe and enjoyable manner.